Crested Butte EMS – Emergency Medical Services


The Crested Butte EMS Division is an Advanced Life Support Certified service that provides transport to local clinics and Gunnison Valley Hospital. The EMS Division responds to 911 calls anywhere within the approx 220 square mile district with some of the most cutting edge equipment available today. None of this would be possible without the commitment of over 30 dedicated Emergency Medical Technicians that offer compassionate care and transport to our community every day. We are proud to announce our full time paid Paramedics are Critical Care certified. CBFPD reviews our protocols annually to assure we are staying current with the standard of care and evidence based medicine.


Daily staffing consists of an ALS Shift Supervisor, ALS Ambulance Crewmember, and a BLS Ambulance Crewmember. The crew consists of 6 paid employees and 31 volunteer EMTs; over half of which are ALS trained and a large percentage are cross-trained between the Fire and EMS divisions.

Physician Advisor: Dr. Shay Krier M.D.

Operations Chief: Rob Weisbaum


Calls in 2018