Fire Officer & Shift Supervisor Meeting

Please meet at Station 2

CBFPD Board Meetings

Open to volunteers, staff and the public.

Firefighter Written Exam

If you have not signed up 30 days in advance to take this written exam, then you will have to wait until the next opportunity some time in February, March and/or April

GVRHA information meeting

After the CBFPD’s Board meeting, Jennifer Kermode will be discussing information regarding their programs and affordable housing opportunities.

If you have any further questions regarding Gunnison Valley Rural Housing Authority, please contact Jennifer at 641-7901 ext 2 or email her at

CBFPD Board Meeting

Open to volunteers, staff and the public.

CB Fire & EMS Association meeting

Please join the Volunteers of the CB Fire & EMS association at Station 2 for  the first meeting of the year. Participation form all the volunteers is highly encourage. Staff is also welcome.

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact any of the members of the association or squad.

Rodger Pepper Burn Foundation – The MAZE

Please join Adaptive Sports and the Rodger Pepper Burn Foundation at Station 2 for a night of training with the kids in The MAZE.

Lieutenant Jarolimek will need about 4-5 folks to come up to Station 2 to help set up the maze around 4:30 that night before training. Please notify Lieutenant Jarolimek know if you can help.


Fire Officer & Shift Supervisor Meeting

Fire Officer meeting at Station 2 at noon. We will discus the new hires and their roles, any SOG updates and revisions along with other topics.

Lunch will be provided from Izzy’s

If you have any questions please contact Chief Weisbaum or Assistant Chief Duke.

PPE check, SCBA’s: Face piece cleaning/FF cancer, TargetSolutions Review

Tom Larsen, Air Specialist for L.N. Curtis & Son will be at training to discus the importance of keeping our SCBA mask clean.  He will demonstrate how to properly take apart the mask, clean and reassemble.

We will also check and inspect our PPE and review TargetSolutions, out online training and certification tracking program.

Please be at Station 2 ready to go at 1800 with all your PPE.


CRM and EMS research

NREMT Mandatory category